• Life cycle assessment (LCA) for flow batteries: A review of methodological decisions
    Michael Dieterle, PeterFischer, Marie-Noëlle Pons, Nick Blume, Christine Minke, AldoBischi
  • “CUBER: Copper-based flow Batteries for Energy storage and Renewables integration”
    Laura Sanz, Corneliu Barbu; Lasse Murtomäki; Wouter Badenhorst; Catia Arbizzani; Luigi Faggiano; Giampaolo Lacarbonara; Marta Boaventura; Jorge Cruz; Torsten Müller; James Rohan; Carlo Ricci.
    Presented in Flow Battery Forum 17th February 2021.
    No Open Access
  • “Aqueous copper-based flow batteries for renewables integration and sustainable energy storage”
    Giampaolo Lacabonara, Luigi Faggiano, Stefania Rapino, Catia Arbizzani, Laura Sanz, Carlo Ricci, Lasse Murtomäki, Wouter Badenhorst, James Rohan, Marta Boaventura; Jorge Cruz; Torsten Müller, Tobias Gerber, Rocco La Gioia, Isabel Guedea, Alba Alvarez; Corneliu Barbu
    Presented in NEXT GENERATION – Flow Battery Conference and Networking Event 11th March 2021
    No Open Access
  • “Copper Chloro-Complexes Stability and Dynamics for High Performannce Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries”
    Giampaolo Lacarbonara, Luigi Faggiano, Catia Arbizzani
    Presented in 72nd Annual Meetinf of Interational Society of Electrochemistry 28th August 2021
    No Open Access
  • “Electrochemical characterization of carbonaceous electrodes for Copper based redox flow battery”
    Luigi Fagiano, Giampaolo Lacarbonara, Stefania Rapino, Catia Arbizzani.
    Presented in 72nd Annual Meetinf of Interational Society of Electrochemistry 28th August 2021
    No Open Access
  • “A spectroelectrochemical study of copper chloro-complexes for high performance copper redox flow batteries”
    Giampaolo Lacabonara, N. Albanelli, L. Faggiano, C. Arbizzani
    Abstract presented In SCI 2021 14-23 September 2021
    No Open Access:
  • “Spectroelectrochemical characterization of copper chloride complexes formed in electrolytical solutions used in redox flow batteries”
    Niccolò Albanelli, N. Albanelli, G. Lacarbonara, C. Arbizzani.
    Presented to UNIBO in October 2021
    No Open Access
  • “Copper chloro-complexes concentrated solutions: an electro-chemical study”
    GiamPaolo Lacarbonara, Luigi Faggiano, Stefania Porcu, Pier C. Ricci, Stefania Rapino, Declan P. Casey, James F. Rohan and Catia Arbizzani.
    Published in MDPI “Batteries 2021” 3rd December 2021
    Gold Access
  • “Shunt currents in vanadium redox flow batteries – a parametric and optimization study”
    Nuno M. Delgado, Nuno M. Delgado, Ricardo Monteiro, Jorge Cruz, Anders Bentien, Adélio Mendes
    Published in ElectroChimica Acta 20th January 2022
    Green Access
  • “Copper Chloro-Complexes Concentrated Solutions: An Electrochemical Study”
    Giampaolo Lacabonara, Luigi Faggiano, Stefania Porcu, Pier C. Ricci, Stefania Rapino, Declan P. Casey, James F. Rohan and Catia Arbizzani
    Published in MDPI Batteries 2021 3rd December 2021
    Green Access
  • “Investigation on carbon felt treatment for positive electrodes”
    G.Grillo, L.Faggiano, C. Arbizzani
    Thesis for bacherlor in Chemistry and Biochemistry Engineering submitted in December 2021
    No Green Access
  • Short thermal treatment of carbon felts for copper-based redox flow batteries”
    Luigi Fagiano, Giampaolo Lacarbonara, Wouter Dirk Badenhorst, Lasse Murtomäki, Laura Sanz, Catia Arbizzani
    Published in Journal of Power Sources 1st February 2022
    Green Access
  • “CUBER a feasibile way for energy storage and renewables integration”
    Pier Carlo Ricci,  Stefania Porcu,
    Poster presentation on Enviromental and economic impact of CUBER project 1st MED IAERRE Conference 23rd April 2022
  •  “SECM analysis to evaluate the Cu2+ ion permeability of different membranes for all copper redox flow battery”
    Rossella Petruzzelli, S. De Zio, W. Badenhorst, M. Malferrari, L. Murtomäki,  C. Arbizzani, S. Rapino.
    Presented in First Symposium for YouNg Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability SYNCH 2022 (Rome, Italy)
    No Green Access
  • “Performance improvements for the all-copper redox flow battery: membranes, electrodes, and electrolytes”
    Wouter Badenhorst, Kuldeep, Laura Sanz, Catia Arbizzani, Lasse Murtomäki.
    Published in June 2022 in Elsevier- Energy Report.

Expected Articles for the following Months:

  • Electrochemical investigation of components for Copper based Redox Flow Cells.
    Cecilia Marchi, R. Petruzzelli, C. Arbizzani
    Thesis for master degree in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials to be presented 22nd July 2022
  • “Scanning ElectroChemical Microscopy for the investigation of Cu2+ permeability through membranes for Redox Flow Batteries”
    Giampaolo Lacarbonara, R. Petruzzelli, S. De Zio, M. Malferrari, W. D. Badenhorst, L. Murtomäki, C. Arbizzani, S. Rapino.
    To be Published in Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana GEI 2022 by 11-15/09/2022
  • “Unity is strength…and energy”
    Catia Arbizzani
    To be presented during the European Researcher Night in Bologna 30th September 2022
    Expected to be Green Access
  • “Redox Flow batteries: Other important inorganic chemistries”
    Laura Sanz Rubio; Wouter Dirk Badehorst; Giampaolo Lacarbonara; Luigi Faggiano; David Lloyd; Pertti Kauranen; Catia Arbizzani; Lasse Murtomäki
    To be Published in Wiley by Dec. 2022

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